Old and dying trees can put your and your neighbour’s property at risk. A falling tree or limb can cause thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention an incredible hassle. And tree removal is a big job requiring a good amount of expertise specialized equipment & years of experience.
Was there a mystery tree stump on your property when you acquired it? Did you chop a tree down and decide to cut costs (pun intended) by leaving the stump in place? We offer stump removal services to grind away and remove any stump at a price you can afford.
Tree trimming in Scarborough ON is an essential part of being a homeowner with forested area on your property. Practice of tree trimming consists of making strategic cuts to certain limbs and branches with the aim of improving a tree’s health, appearance, beauty and/or performance. Trimming the correct amount off of a tree is absolutely essential to success. Keep your trees looking nice, Keep yourself safe, Keep your trees growing properly & Keep your trees healthy.
We are most highly skilled & promptly responsive arborists on the market who are always available 24/7 to provide emergency tree services in Scarborough & Toronto such as emergency tree removal in Scarborough ON quickly, affordably, and safely for all the people and property in the affected area.Our arborists are trained in quick responses and quick solutions to reduce the damage which can be inflicted by a diseased, fallen, or otherwise severely compromised tree.

Tree Planting

One of the most lasting ways to improve the beauty, value, comfort, & energy efficiency of your home is to invest in your home’s landscaping with safe, expertly performed tree planting in Scarborough & Toronto ON. There are many options that you have when it comes to tree planting in Scarborough & Toronto ON. For instance, what kind of tree do you want? How tall do you want it to grow? Do you want leaves on your tree? And how will it fit in your yard? You’ll find all these answers and more when you have tree planting performed by Uproot Tree Removal Services. Call us if you are interested in free consultation & estimate.

Tree Disease Prevention

Properly tending to tree health at homes is one of the most crucial ways to ensure that both the beauty and the safety of your property is as high as possible. Our expert Scarborough arborists are committed to just that goal and as such are experienced and trained at treating all the major tree diseases Toronto ON homeowners may encounter. These include diagnoses and treatments for Toronto tree diseases which tend to arise in all the most picturesque residential and commercial trees like oak tree diseases, pine tree diseases, maple tree diseases, ash tree diseases, apple tree diseases, and peach tree diseases.