Tree Removal Services

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Despite the natural majestic beauty that trees lend to a property, there are a number of situations which call for professionally performed tree removal services. These include everything from wanting to make way for new Toronto landscaping features to responding to the development of deeply harmful diseases, pest infestations, or dangerous directions of growth even to the need for sudden, emergency tree removal services after damage from high winds, strong precipitation, or other natural conditions. Whatever the particular circumstances at your home, when you’re in need of tree removal in Toronto, you’re in need of professional arborists you can count on to have the training, experience, and commitment to quality that you’ll find right here at 'Uproot Tree Removal Services'.

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Tree Removal Services

Trees are great. They provide shade, increase home value, hold soil in place and moderate the climate. With the proper maintenance techniques such as pruning a tree can be enjoyed for many years. Even old and dead trees serve important roles in the environment providing safe places for certain species of birds to nest. But sometimes tree removal services are required.

Old and dying trees can put your and your neighbour’s property at risk. A falling tree or limb can cause thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention an incredible hassle. And tree removal is a big job requiring a good amount of expertise specialized equipment. This is why it’s prudent to hire a company.

Things to Consider Before Removing a Tree

Is the tree under power lines?

What is the history of the tree?

How healthy is the tree?

Is the tree hollow?

Are there large dead branches?

Are all dead branches on one side of tree?

Are there sprouts coming from the base of the tree?

Is the tree leaning?

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Do I really need tree removal services?

Trees are an invaluable part of any landscape. With regular maintenance, a tree’s lifespan can be increased considerably. However, sometimes a tree’s roots or branches will grow to the point where they interfere with nearby constructional constraints, electrical wiring, drainage system, or water pipes. Other times trees become infected with disease, posing additional threats. In these cases, tree removal may become a necessity. No matter the reason, we as Toronto Tree Removal company have the know-how, machinery and expertise needed to get your job done.

Other reasons to remove a tree include:

Tree is dead or dying

The tree’s structural integrity is compromised

Tree has outgrown its growth area

Tree is leaning towards people or property

Branches are rubbing up against roofs, windows or power lines

A storm has caused damage

It has loose or dead bark

It’s in the way (no longer needed / wanted)

Safety, our prime consideration

Safely removing a tree requires a good amount of planning and expertise. Many factors such as the direction of the tree’s lean, the size of its branches, etc. need to be considered.

The safety and security of the property and those around is our prime concern. That’s why we employ only trained and experienced staff for the removal of your tree. Our staff brings years of experience to each job and is able to remove trees from any situation.

A History Uproot Tree Removal Services

We’ve been servicing Toronto and it’s surrounding areas for over 20 years. We bring this experience and the knowledge to bare on each and every project. Also, we’re a fully licensed, bonded and insured company. This is important because, under Ontario law, if you use a company that is not licensed you may be financially responsible for them and their employees as well as any damage to your neighbour’s property.

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The Process of Tree Removal

An incredibly complex procedure, the act of eliminating a tree can take some time and expensive equipment. Aside from cales and chainsaws, it helps to have an industrial vehicle like a bucket truck for those hard to reach canopy pieces. All the branches must be hacked away, as well. The tree has to be removed in pieces, and those pieces have to be cut at very particular angles to avoid damage to the surrounding trees (and people, buildings, etc.). The tree trunk sections will then be hauled away, rarely are fallen trees left behind unless in a forested area that could use the fertilizer.

Alternatives to Tree Removal

While it certainly is possible to come up with other solutions besides removal, sometimes it can end up costing as much to keep the tree, and there’s no guarantee that it won’t be removed later. Establishing cabling and bracing around the damaged or compromised tree can act in the same manner that braces align human teeth over the years. There’s even a way to add lightning protection to a tree, by installing a metal wire that runs down the length of the bark. Although it won’t guarantee that your tree doesn't get struck by lightning, it can help prevent any massive damage that may have followed the bolt going through the tree. Essentially the wiring acts as a conductor that help take the brunt of the force. In any case, please defer to the specialized arborists here at 'Uproot Tree Removal Services' for alternative solutions to tree removal in Toronto.

Keeping your Home’s trees looking and growing at their best takes a lot of care and attention. With hundreds of different species of trees and millions of different factors which can affect them it’s crucial for a quality tree service professional to be as knowledgeable and versatile as possible. We provide our clients with the best possible results.

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