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Stump grinding and stump removal services are available for residential, commercial, and municipal customers. 'Uproot Tree Removal Services' is fully insured and our company is completely dedicated to the craft of stump grinding and stump removal. We have various types of equipment to get all types of jobs completed quickly, safely, and in the most cost effective manner possible. On an annual basis we complete hundreds of jobs that consist of 1-10 stumps and we also complete several jobs that consist of several hundred stumps at the same location.

If you're just about ready to finally get rid of that annoying tree stump on your property, give us a call for a free quote and the best stump grinding service around! Locally owned tree services company, Fully insured and certified.

We provide the following services:

  • Small tree stump removals

  • Stump Grinding

  • Removal of multiple tree stumps

  • Residential stump grinding

  • Commercial stump grinding

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How Do We Do.

Our Stump Removal & Grinding pros will reduce any tree stump to a pile of wood chips in the blink of an eye. The RG70X and the RG80 are both all-wheel drive rubber tire machines that are gentle on all landscapes, especially pristine yards and golf courses. The RG74T-R is a track machine that is ideal for heavy jobs, construction sites and extreme terrain. We grind all stumps 8"-12" below grade and we can perform deep grinding for replanting purposes upon request. Wood chips and debris are raked into neat piles where stumps preexisted.

Homeowner? Developer? Golf Course?

'Uproot Tree removal Services' works with homeowners, real estate developers, golf courses, landscape architects, arborists and commercial businesses of all kinds. If it’s a stump and you need it gone, call on the strength of Uproot Stump Grinding.

Keeping your Home’s trees looking and growing at their best takes a lot of care and attention. With hundreds of different species of trees and millions of different factors which can affect them it’s crucial for a quality tree service professional to be as knowledgeable and versatile as possible. We provide our clients with the best possible results when it comes to Stump removal & Stump grinding in Scarborough, Toronto, Brampton, Hamilton & Etobicoke.

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